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There was a time when all I ever wanted to do was update my blog. I blame Twitter. And Facebook. And all the other web bullshit that made me even lazier.

A lot of stuff has gone down in the little nerd music internet world since last I decided to comment on it, but none bigger, it seems, than the release of Nerdcore Now vol. 1. The release got some good press for sure. I had been told all of this before, so maybe I was jaded. The last time I took part in a nerdcore compilation we ended up in Wired, only to be relegated to the “lol stupid internet” section of the music world. Then I guess a lot of stuff changed and now we have something in the press that I can be legit proud of. Sure, I don’t love every track on the album, but my track is cool, as are new tracks by Supercommuter, Adam Warrock, MegaRan & Dale Chase, Illbotz, Klopfenpop, MC 117, and The Thought Criminals.

I say Nerdcore Now was big news, but that was until the internet realized MegaRan had dropped his new album Black Materia. It’s a concept project in collaboration with Lost Perception all about Final Fantasy VI. I have not heard the entire album yet. I assume my promo code was lost in the shuffle (*wink*) but based on tracks like the one below, there’s no doubt I may ask the gf if she’s down to replay FF7 soon. It’s currently the top rap album on bandcamp and in the top 40 at AmazonMP3. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

My fellow Northwest rhymer and large gentlemen Billy The Fridge also came out with a new album recently called The Lunchbox Soldiers EP. I am on a track called Fat Camp and it is dope! The album also features the work of Timm Konn and Kabuto. Billy was recently featured in a dope article and I saw he was marketing his latest project by sending people snack bags. The man is a genius. Reward such brilliance by picking up his album pretty please.

In other, more personal news, I got a job and I’m going to be going to school in Spokane soon. I mention this only because I’ve been going through the headache of registering for classes and now my brain is in a state of constant throbbing. It’s not as sexy as it sounds. I’m in the process of recording new tracks with Adam Warrock, Shael Riley, and Mustin, and I should have some stuff coming out sometime soon with Thought Criminals, MegaRan, and MC Lars. I miss podcasting. I miss it a lot. Without my co-hosts, don’t be surprised if I start doing little vidcasts to replace the hole in my heart left by the end of JALP. Also, did I mention before that JALP died? You may have noticed by the lack of updates and the page not being around anymore, but then I realized that’s just par for the course normally. It is a lazy podcast after all. But as I feel a need to share with the internet my thoughts and feeling, and as previously mentioned I’m not a giant fan of blogging, I will likely make my youtube house my ongoing chronicles.

I’d say that’s good for now. Peace.

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  1. gdaybloke says:

    Nerdcore Now introduced me to His Beefyness. I purchased With Sprinkles because of it.

    My own tastes, musically speaking, are absurdly eclectic, but I really do enjoy your work. Thank you for the awesomeness.

    Now, back to my iPhone on shuffle… I think Chameleon Circuit’s up next.

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