Hear Me Roar

Well hello there, Internet. You’re looking well. Still neutral I see. Well done. Hope that keeps up.

Do you guys remember when I made music? Mustin remembers. He has spearheaded a new album with him on production and the chubby wonder on raps. We have a new album coming out soon called Grown Up which delves into my usual fanboy fare (we have songs about Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, ect) but it also goes into the head of a dude who used to be carefree, but then had to make changes for the sake of a family.

Speaking of family, how about those Lannisters, am I right? As I may have mentioned before, a couple years ago I became a huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire after watching the first season of the HBO show. It’s totally the kind of story I’m into. Huge cast. Political intrigue. Incest. Giants. Women in armor. Swords with names. Catchphrases. Names like Hizdahr zo Loraq. The series has it all. It’s basically medieval West Wing with more swords and tits. The most fascinating family in the series are not the Starks of Winterfell. I get it. They have honor and (in theory) are hard to kill. A whole family of heroes. Fascinating. The family that actually peaks my interests are the Lannisters. Tywin, son of a weak Lord who is always making up for it. Twin lovers, one of whom is the archtype flawless knight who can’t decide if he’s a person or a product of his genetics. His sister who has been looking for knives in the dark since she was a teenager and enraged by the societal limitations put upon her gender. And then goddamn Tyrion Lannister. The dwarf pimp who killed his mother during birth, earning him permanent scorn from both his father and big sister, with the dream of riding a dragon. What better family to explore in hip-hop form?


I wrote this song at around the start of season 3 of the show. At the time, I thought the song would come out right away and it would spoil a bunch of dope stuff about the show. But then, in typical Beefy fashion, things got delayed and pushed back. With the conclusion of Game of Thrones season 4 last night, all of the spoilers should be all wrapped up, meaning if you watched the show last night, you shouldn’t have anything spoiled. Was it stupid to put a warning like that at the head of the song which (also in theory) should be timeless? Yes it was. Do I regret it? Maybe a little. Am I too lazy to bother fixing it before the release? You bet your ass!

Can I talk more about the new album a little bit? All I want to talk about right now is the cover. It looks like this:

Photo by Jeff Douglas Photography - Edited by Cubosh

I know what you’re thinking. “Beefy, buddy, what about cartoon Beefy? He’s on all your covers! What about the continuity?” Well, let me start of by saying that Thor Thorvaldson has got you covered. I did one of those things where I get excited and get art for an album before actually finishing the album at all. I already have finished artwork for the next album. I’m not kidding. The problem with this though, at least in this case, came 2 fold. 1) The album is slightly more serious than Thor’s art would have led you to believe and Mustin and I didn’t feel like it reflected the bulk of the album. We have some darker fun than usual. 2) I got fired from my 9-5 office job and I fucking hate those people now and even the hint of having fun in a cubicle makes me think of that shady sales based, FTC-investigated, healthcare cutting, landmine of mediocrity known as Sphyra. Or Merchant Services Direct. Why mention their name you ask? Because half of the time I was there they were doing their best to separate themselves from their FTC investigations, especially online. Basically they didn’t want you to know that Sphyra, Merchant Services Direct, and now Redfynn are all the same company with the same sales agents and the same back office support and same processing bank, iPayment. Corporations, big or small, are rotten as fuck. Now, if someone googles any of those words, they’ll probably end up on this site sooner or later, and Sphyra/Merchant Services Direct/Redfynn can’t pay to change my site. Hooray! But yeah, all that is why I changed the cover, but we will still provide the Thor alt cover to people who want continuity with their albums covers.

That was a lot of writing for someone who doesn’t blog regularly and hasn’t been in school for years now. I hope you guys dig my little song/video about the Lannisters and I hope you guys dig the album when it comes out. I’m very excited!

-Love beef

2 Responses to “Hear Me Roar”

  1. ComplexedOne says:

    New Beefy album?!?

    Yes! By all of the Seven Gods, yes!

    Sorry about the whole “getting fired thing” It sucks.

    Glad to hear about new raps, though. For me, you are on the same lever as Front, Schaffer and Warrock. You drop an album, I will be there is monies to but that shit. Always.

  2. Abby D says:

    Beef status!!!! Omg I just want to say that I loved reading your blog bout *cough cough* the company lol. Shit is so damn funny. I know how u feel tho. My situation was only slightly different but I still understand. Anyways I hope ur doin good! Miss ya buddy!

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