Bloody Hell

Internet! You were supposed to tell the people I retired! Now I’m getting people e-mailing and calling and texting asking if I’m alive, and it’s all your fault!

I’m semi-retired, in as much as the real world has seized me about the crotch and throat and is forcing me through the nitty gritty of the universe and has plunged me deep within the depths of “real life.” At times, dear reader, I can admit that it is more than a little… upsetting. Gone are the days where work would be the thing I did in-between gigs I was excited about. I work two jobs, and while I’m not trying to make it an excuse, I am willing to allow it to be the actual legitimate excuse it is where pertaining to my complete lack of productivity and my disappearance by-and-large of social media. Also the Seahawks won the Superbowl so it’s already been a pretty emotional year.

But I come out of my self-prescribed retirement for what? To tell you I’m not at all really truly retired, as I am performing April 26th in Seattle for the Comedy of Horrors Film Fest presented by BoneBat. It’s being held at the Central Cinema and the festivities kick off at 2pm. I’m going to rap till I’m sweaty, and Kyle of Kirby Krackle will do the exact same thing, except for singing and guitar playing and exuding handsome. As I write this, only 12 tickets remain. I know right? Super legit. And people who bought the dope ass swag bag will be getting a copy of my “only-being-sold-at-shows” album The Adventures of Beef Thompson – Check Your Local Listings: NEW EPISODES. Partly because Steve (dude organizing film fest) thought the peeps would dig it, and partly because I wanted to have an album with the longest possible title ever.
So that was a lot of info dump, I realize. Here is the tl;dr version: WITH PICTURES AND VIDEO!


Let us not forget that my good friends who run Seattle Geekly and those asshats who comprise Death*Star are helping to sponsor the film fest, which is outrageously cool.

So you may have been asking yourself while reading that paragraph earlier, “but what makes The Adventures of Beef Thompson – Check Your Local Listings: NEW EPISODES different from The Adventures of Beef Thompson – Check Your Local Listings album I bandcamp’d for free months and months and months ago?” I’m glad you asked. For starters, it has new songs like this:

More precisely, it contains more songs I had put out recently, as well as tracks I had been holding onto for an album I wasn’t going to be finishing anytime soon, and decided to add those to this. They’re good, but I was slow. I’m not gonna GRRM you. I could die at literally any minute. Have my works. BUT YOU MUST PAY! HA!! Unless you don’t, in which case let me add a wholehearted jk geis.

Let’s wrap this up: How great was the first episode of Game of Thrones? I recently finished A Dance of Dragons that I had held back on, so I am all GOT geeked out right now. There is, in my opinion, a dope Song of Ice and Fire track on my fabled Mustin album, but I learned that my cell phone was playing in the background of a track, and basically my unprofessionalism has cost us yet more time. To sum up, I am the worst. I’m going to plug in my mic this week though. For real. Very soon. Right after work. Promise.

Love beef.

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  1. Richard G. says:

    Good to hear that you are still alive and kicking. Life can suck all the fun out of, well, life. Know that you’ve got a lot of fans who patiently wait for your next masterpiece, even if you have to record it in the janitorial closet at your nursing home 😉

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