My quick 2 cents re: Nerdapalooza

Months back Beaker gave me the heads up on the plans for this year’s show. He basically told me it’s go big or go home time. I got an idea of what the show would cost and what they would need to clear in order to hit the black. I figured A) this would be a huge success and I didn’t want to miss out or B) this could all go wrong and this could be the last Nerdapalooza ever… and I didn’t want to miss out. All the music friends I hadn’t seen in years would be there. People I haven’t met or people I had just met at PAX would be there. I’d get to see Nerf Herder. I’d get to hang out with Eugene. I’d get to FINALLY met Z. I’d get to hang with Beaker. I’d get to see badass locals I hadn’t hugged since ’09. So, I spent way too much money on plane tickets (protip: don’t ever be this fat) and knew full well that this was a vacation and I wouldn’t make a fraction of it back.

TMBG didn’t bring in the kind of crowd Nerdapalooza needed. Nerdapalooza needed a headline act like TMBG in order to take the next step. If the show were at a club/bar again, would Front, Lars, Jesse, Random, and other people I like still have gone? (I assume Schaffer and Warrock would still be there no matter what cause that’s how they roll) If they hadn’t been, I probably wouldn’t have found the excuse to return to Orlando and give a lot of cool people hugs. Nerda was a success if many ways. Just not in the ways where it really really counts. That being said, I defy anyone saying that they had a more enjoyable weekend than I did.

In closing, I will leave you with 2 dope vids!

-love beef

3 Responses to “My quick 2 cents re: Nerdapalooza”

  1. Jesse Dangerously says:

    I had been trying to get invited to NAP for five years!

    All I ever play is bars – mostly empty ones! I wasn’t finally enticed by the larger venue. I didn’t know where it had been, or where it was going to be.

    I really enjoyed the especially nice stage and sound, but I would have traded it for the festival’s longevity. Or for a room that felt full with that many attendees, for that matter.

    Nah homie I would have been there if it was in a basement… i just needed the invitation, like a sexy fat vampire.

  2. beefy says:

    Yeah but why did they feel they could invite you this year and not previous years? Im sorry I didn’t mean to imply that jesse d only pays arenas. Though I do like to picture what a jesse arena show would be like.

  3. Dave says:

    NAP could have found a much lower cost venue or gone back to a Marriott-like setup of being in a hotel. The two stage setup was great in going back and forth. Picking the OCCC was a dangerous gamble as renting a convention hall is quite expensive then you have to pay big bucks for A/V, electricity and internet.

    They should have gone with a place that’ll pack a 1000 people picking acts that wouldn’t break the bank instead of a room that is meant for 4000 but only have a few hundred show up for most of the event. Even if it was back at the Holiday Inn, I would have loved it.

    It is too bad that’ll be the last NAP. I didn’t know that it was known a big or go home gamble. This was my second time to NAP and loved it. Now the only big nerd music showcases will be either at PAX, SXSW or NYC (if that happens). Luckily I’m in Austin so I’ll get some of the ones who come down for SXSW. I’m sure you’ve been asked to come on down but it’ll take major persuasion for you to step foot in TX.

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