A Palooza of Nerds

Buenos Dias, Internet. Sometimes I think about taking an exotic Mexican vacation with you. Lounging on a sandy beach with a fruity drink in your hand while I serenade you with Spanish guitar. That’s right, girl. I’ve been taking lessons.

The last time I performed live and on stage I was in Baltimore, surrounded by Super Art Fighters and a Paul. There might have also been a Storm. And a Vince Vandal (but I didn’t realize it was him at the time because I’m stupid and shake my head to acknowledge I heard something I did not). THAT WAS FUCKIN GODDAMN A MILLENNIA AGO! Thankfully we’ve found some room in my 72+ hour work for 2 extremely awesome events!

Remember back in 2009 when I was all excited about going to Orlando and meeting Shael for the first time and doing the first (and only) Grammar Club show? Well our set was dumb because we’re surprising not great with electronics, but the entire experience was so outstanding and so life alerting that I’ve been pining to go back ever since. Thanks to the insistence of collaborator and online-love Beaker, I’ve decided to make the journey back to Orlando! Normally this is the part where I tell you about the exciting new Kickstarter I’m launching in order to get me there and… um… also incentives like… like a song or something. But I feel like that’s getting a little played out, so instead I just took out a new credit card and charged it to da game. It is not cheap flying my giant fat bulbous ass cross-country, so if you want to help me out at all, you can feel free to purchase Check Your Local Listings for far more than the required $0.00. And if not, that’s cool too because I’ll be there either way.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nerdapalooza then I assume you clicked here in your search for “big beefy gay men punching each other in chest” or you think I’m a rugby or “football” player. In which case I can tell you that Nerdapalooza is an annual nerd rock/rap/chiptune/electronic/art show in Orlando that has showcased just about every significant artist to ever even read the word “nerdcore.” We’re talking I Fight Dragons, mc chris, Dual Core, The Megas, YTCracker, ect. And that was just the year I was there. This year though, they’ve pulled out the big guns: THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS will be headlining the event! That’s huge. They’re a part of your life whether you realize it or not. We singalong to their Hotdog Song near daily! Particle Man! Mustin and I even covered a cover they did for the Mink Car Cover project! In the words of our good friends at Nerdcore Meow; They’re big in the shit.

Yet, the announcement that put me over the edge and led me to ask Beaker if we could share a bed turned out to be the confirmation of one of my favorite bands from my childhood: NERF HERDER. Just saying the name out loud takes me back to my time in high school, skipping class in my jacked up VW Rabbit screaming “Nose ring giiiiiiiiirl! I love yoooou!” to no one in particular. When lead singer Perry Gripp teamed up with the Attack of the Show crew for “The Girl At The Video Game Store” song and video, I squealed “omgomgomgomg we share one brain!” I was also crazy jealous that Oliva Munn didn’t make a video with me too. It seems only fair. Needless to say that I’m more than a little honored to share a stage with the boys who crafted the theme song for Buffy and if you’re excited too then we should party.

Moving along to a tradition spanning back to PAX II (before we had to signify Prime or otherwise), there will be a Post-PAX Party this year. It will feature Seattle vets Death*Star. It was feature the misleading Rotten Musicians. Billy The Fridge will be on hand to rap and to give sexual advice. PAX Headliner Random aka Mega Ran will be there to teach you about Megaman, freestyling, and language arts. And, it will feature me, in my sweaty chubby glory, trying to remember the words to Red Cyclone. We return to the Nectar Lounge in Fremont, so if you’re staying near the convention center you’re probably going to want to flag a cab. It’s on Labor Day so you know you still have a little more party left in ya. I’m crazy excited because Ran and I have never done a show together but I’m amazingly thrilled to get to experience it firsthand. I just want to make it clear here right now though that I do not freestyle. Not even when I’m drunk/high in front of people. Drunk/high alone is a completely other story. Keith thinks Beefy is an awesome freestyler on top of being super-attractive. And an amazing lover. Fact.

In other news, I’ve really gotten into watching/listening to the HBO eps of The Ricky Gervais Show. Karl Pilkington is the greatest thing to ever happen to my limited free time. Also I moved into my own apartment. Shit’s bare. Good night!

-love beef

2 Responses to “A Palooza of Nerds”

  1. Tuna says:

    Good shit, right Miroki? *nods* but seriously, it sounds like you have two awesome shows lined up and to make that work in your 72+ hour work week,
    I applaud you sir. Keep up the good work. I miss me some Beefy, in my earbuds, my heart and *whispers* in my bed 😉

  2. Experimental Voice Box Programmer says:

    Now, if only they could get Nerdapalooza NYC off the ground…. and we could get you and Shael there for a GC performance and…

    wait, your own apartment? Did you and Chandra split up?!

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