Ya Know I’m So Sincere

Greetings Internet. It has clearly been far too long since our last rendezvous. You look good. Looking trim. Me? What have I been up to? Well I’m glad you asked!

The VPC is upon us! Beaker and I displayed our opening salvo before the competition kicked off, and now we present to you the trials and tribulations of being a part-time artist. Each round of the VPC (Vocalist/Producer Challenge) has a theme for each lyricist, and our inaugural theme was sincerity. I struggled at first. It’s easy to be sincere. We all have struggles. We all have strong feelings about shit. My personal challenge involved speaking of something that is important to me and relatable to my audience (most of whom I assume are also performers) without succumbing to cliché emotional, heavy violin type melodrama. My solution: the ups and downs of going from a musician doing regular shows and putting out a steady stream of music to becoming an father figure focused more on my family and work than having nerdcore adventures. It’s something I struggle with a lot to be honest, and as such it’s a topic I take on more often than not these days. I often feel like I’ve let down those kind enough to consider themselves my fans. On the other hand, there is no scenario in which being with my family takes second place to any opportunity. It comes from the heart.

Voting for the VPC is a challenge all its own. You have to be a registered forum member at forums.nerdcorenow.com, and also sign up for an account at nerdcorenow.com/vpc. As of this writing, Beaker and I are sitting in 6th place (after a furious early showing in the top spot) trailing the likes of Adam Warrock/Vince Vandal, Tribe One/Jesse Dangerously, and YTCracker/Project Zero. The surprise (in my opinion. It’s not surprising they’ve done well. Just that I hadn’t heard them yet) are Zilla Persona/Dain Saint and Sketch (rapping as Lex Lingo)/Bill Beats. Bill Beats shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone living in the Northwest, and I’m pretty sure I have a track coming out with Sketch… sometime.. in the near future, but their first offering proved to be a smooth collab. “Idle Hands” by the Zilla/Dain teamup is the funkiest, dopest thing I’ve heard in a while. The VPC delivered already in its overall goal of exposing fans to new artists. Thank you Klopfenpop. Job well done.

I want to warn anyone who is considering voting for me in the first or any round: if you downvote someone a 1 just so I can get a lead, then we will no longer be friends. Don’t do it. If you think a song is trash and you feel you wasted your time letting it infest your earholes (I’m looking in your direction Rob$tar), then by all means do what you feel must be done. But if you are “playing the game” to help me out, just know I don’t need it. I only discovered a couple weeks ago what was at stake for the winner. This is about fun. Not about winning, even though I’m still full confident that the result will see Beaker and I on a parade float, likely in the shape of something phallic. For lols.

So I hope you dig the new hotness. News coming soon about 2 new albums I’ve been working on (like there’s artwork and eeeeeeverything!) not to mention the fact that with each passing day The Grammar Club project nears completion. Seriously. We only have 4 more songs that needs tweaking I’m told. So be sure to check out mine and Beakers track, give us 14 stars (it’s up to you to find a way) and be sure to check out a bunch of the other artists. For kicks, you should post your round 1 thoughts here! Below are the lyrics (more or less) for your following along pleasure.

Beefy & Beaker – Part-Time Artist

What I wouldn’t do to be out there on the road with ya
Rock some hot shows with ya. Sell some t-shirts with ya
But I got a shift at eleven o’ clock
Followed up by another shift at ten on the dot
That is unless they call me in to start an hour early
They don’t seem to care to see me as the king of rapping nerdy
They see me as a cog, clink clank in their system
They see that I’m a rapper but they never seem to listen
And I can’t make it up to Renton for your next gig
I’m sorry that I haven’t rhymed up in Wisconsin
But the kiddo means a lot to my life
And I have made a couple plans to make a woman my wife
And they both really hate to see me pack up a bag
And think of all the cool adventures that we all could have had
If I hadn’t spent my duckets on an 8 hour flight
To spit sick for six hicks who weren’t spending a dime

Part time artist
Dreaming of a Tardis
So I could go back in time, do those shows that I couldn’t do
Kill responsibilities just so I could chill with you
It’ll get better
Baller like never
But I would give up every dollar I had
To take another shot at warming up your favorite band

Doc was like a brother, Router like a little sister
Like a sister into liquor and the love of many misters
Frontalot became a mentor, all the same for YTCracker
I met David and Hairetsu, realized I know some hackers
These people were my buddies, I’d look forward to our meetings
Hey yo Lars, I love your style, maybe wanna swap some CDs?
Maybe work together? Call me when you’re near my cities
Showed me life is for the living, taught me about the CPs
Now it feels like a whole other life ago
Am I a rapper just because I own a microphone?
The brotherhood that I was in, I couldn’t make it last
I flirt with fame everytime that I PAX
In an alternate reality I’m posting some hits
Beefy 616 has some excellent quips
But Beefy Earth X still an excellent man
A little hard on the eyes, but a hell of a dad

-love beef

2 Responses to “Ya Know I’m So Sincere”

  1. Jimi says:

    At the risk of taking this all too seriously, them’s some bittersweet lyrics for a Beefy fanboy!

    I liked your track, Tribe One’s and was also pretty impressed by C0splay’s (and everyone should vote for my pal Raptorman).

  2. Shadow says:

    Great shit so far coming from everyone. Never mind that shit Rob$ter pulled, we all agree it sucks. And hell you and well, pretty damn near every rapper SHOULD come up to rhyme up in Wisconsin. Just not during the winter, cause the colds a bitch.

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