Bowling For Shiva: A Tribute To The League

A bunch of months ago, Rusty Shackles approached me about working on a project together. I assumed he wanted to draw me in the nude. Instead, we realized, over twitter, that our love for The League combined with his dope art skills and my “ehhh” rap skills combined with the tireless efforts of our friends could result in a fun EP. This is that EP! Since you’re likely a fan of nerdcore, you’re probably not that aware of the world of sports in general, making a show like The League not something that would normally jump out at you. Quickly smack yourself in the mouth, boot up Netflix, and shotgun season 1. Do it. It’s only a few episodes and it is really excellent. This album isn’t like the music shown on the show. I don’t make hilarious Taco songs. I do my thing. I try to get into the skin of my favorite characters and try to figure out what they might say if they were rappers. This is my homage to a terrific piece of pop culture that, frankly, is only now getting a fraction of the love it deserves. Welcome to Bowling For Shiva: A Tribute To The League. A Rusty Shackles Joint.

This album is in no way affiliated with The League, FX, FOX, NFL, DJ Khaled, or any other company/artist/actor/performer/producer/ect (though we are open to it) and we beg you kindly not to sue us! Thanks

Bowling For Shiva
A Tribute To The League
A Rusty Shackles Joint
[download .rar 45mb]
1. Shivablast
2. On The Clock
3. Taco Corp
4. Lineup Nirvana
6. Fantasy

The Crew

Rusty Shackles
Brains behind the operation, Artist

Vince Vandal
Music for On The Clock, Fantasy

DJ Empirical
Music for Shivablast

Mikal kHill
Music for RAFIBOMB

Rapper, “Producer”

3 Responses to “Bowling For Shiva: A Tribute To The League”

  1. J. Johnson says:

    Bowling for Shiva represents everything I love about Nerdcore and The League; It’s esoteric to the point of self-alienation, It’s a thematic study in self contradiction, and despite being based on subjects I find wholly uninteresting I can’t help but be incredibly entertained. From the talented and enthusiastic lyricism to the well crafted Shiva Bowl references only I and like five other dudes understand this album delivers the perfect love letter to FX’s beloved fantasy football laughfest. Sadly, If you possess little taste for or familiarity with this Extended Play’s base components you will find yourself confused and unimpressed. But if you are a great fan of Keith A. Moore, 3-Penis Wine, Indie Hip-Hop, and/or Shivakamini Somakandarkram download this FREE EP right now. My only complaint? I really wanted a remix of the Shiva Bowl Shuffle.

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