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Hey there blog, it’s me again. Let’s see if I can come up with anything to update you with.

I’m a fan of films almost as much as I’m a fan of film rumors, spoilers, and gossip. Because of this one of my daily visits is Ain’t It Cool News, and the other day they reviewed the nerdcore documentary that came out like 4 years ago, Nerdcore For Life. I may have mentioned that film on this site once or twice in the past. The review was written by Jon Doe as part of a series called “Hurts So Good”, not because the movie was bad, but because our music is so bad that it does a 180 and turns out to be good. I guess. The music I was making when the doc was filmed was rather on the bad side back then, so I’m going to let it slide… this time. In all honesty though the write up was really awesome and hopefully will lead to some more people checking out the flick. Also, Doe said I was his favorite person in the flick. I cheated though, to be fair. I did my interviews from a hot tub. Any documentary subject becomes the favorite once he/she speaks from their heart from within a hot tub. Seriously though, my nerd boner is super huge because of this. I love AICN and thought the closest I would ever come to gracing their pages was if I was mocked for my appearance in Nerdcore Rising. Go peep game at the article and let me know whatcha think.

Hey! You want to read a few paragraphs that will keep me from ever touring with the man who was my hero and reason for trying to be a better performer and nerdcore rapper? Too bad! I’m writing it anyways!

Is anyone out there surprised that mc chris has yet again done something to alienate new fans and challenge those loyal to him to stay his fans? I submit that mc chris fans spend more time defending him online than singing his praises. This newest episode involves chris kicking out a fan from his show for a tweet the fan made in regards to chris’ opening act. The fan didn’t go on a rant. He didn’t use foul language or slurs. He simply tweeted, “Dear nerd rapper opening for Powerglove/mc chris. You’re not good enough to pander to me. Better luck next time.” mc chris felt that Richie Branson was more than capable of pandering to the fan, so he jumped on stage, found the fan in the crowd, and demanded that he get kicked out of the event. Being that this was an mc chris show, chances are extremely high that he went on to bad mouth said fan for a while after the incident. That last part is speculation since I wasn’t at this show, but I’ve been to at least 3 other shows where chris kicked someone out and spent the rest of the night boasting. Now, I don’t know Richie Branson. I’m sure he’s a terrific guy doing very well musically. He must be if he’s touring with chris. But is it just me, or do you also feel that if anyone should have gotten upset and had a right to overreact, it should have been Richie?

My problem with the entire event isn’t that mc chris overreacted and was an asshole to a fan expressing his opinion regarding the talents of chris’ friends. My problem is that he only felt bad about it after that fan took to reddit, explained his side of the story, and unleashed the well deserved backlash upon chris. Before reddit joined in, chris continued to badmouth the dude on twitter and facebook. The fan has, what?, like a max of 1,000 followers? Chris has easily 20 times that on twitter alone. So not only did he kick the kid out of the show, a kid who until the other night was likely a huge mc chris fan, but then he proceeded to blame the kid for the backlash he received as a result of it. Because only the fan’s close and personal friends could possibly have a problem with what chris did, right?

Cut to the reddit backlash, which spreads to chris’ facebook and twitter pages (and to a twitter account not even owned by the nerd rapper), and suddenly chris has a change of heart and decides that what he did was in fact wrong and stupid, and posts a teary eyed vid on youtube. This is not the first time this has happened. This won’t be the last time it happens either. This fan’s only crime was speaking his mind to his followers about a rapper he felt pandered more than performed and didn’t reach the level of entertainment he found in mc chris. Do you think it’s at all possible that if one were to search through the archives of chris’ posts and tweets that a person could find an example or two of mc chris expressing negative opinions about something? Is it possible the target of those negative comments also had friends who wouldn’t take kindly to it? But it’s ok when mc chris does it. He’s chris. Do you know how many MySpace friends he has? He’s told you a million times. His tweet followers number into the bajillions. He made thousands of dollars from fans to make his very own cartoon. He raises money for cystic fibrosis for crying out loud. How could a person like that be the bad guy? The fan was just some fan. Chris has plenty of those. One less won’t kill him, I guess. Of all the acts in the nerd scene, I’ve never seen any performer treat their fans with more vitriol, disdain, or impatience than mc chris seems to. Maybe that’s just because he has more, but I’ve never seen even a portion of that kind of behavior from guys like Front, Lars, or YT on their worst days. Not that Lars has “worst days.” Even on horrible days Lars will smile. He’s my hope for America.

I’m not calling chris a monster. I’m not saying he’s evil through and through and you should set fire to all of the mc chris merch you can find. I’m just saying that this is just another in a looong line of examples of mc chris being an asshole to the fanbase that made him. He became famous rapping about feeling like an outcast, being bullied, and not feeling comfortable with other people, then he proceeds to outcast, bully, and alienate kids at his shows for not doing things how mc chris decides they should be done. How is that not like the high school bully? He has the power now and he sure as hell is going to let you know about it if you step out of line. I’m glad mc chris came to his senses and decided to finally do the right thing and apologized to the kid. My question, however, is what will chris be apologizing for next? Odds are we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Love, beef.

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  1. Ron Aubrey says:

    I’ve tried to be supportive of Chris but each time I’ve gone to one of his shows (2 of them) he threw someone out. And when he was at the merch table he was extremely dismissive. When I tried to bring up something we have in common (a love for GI Joe) he gave me a blow off. I used to talk to him on his message board and he was always like “we’ll talk when I’m town.” like it was a ploy to get my money. The second show I hung out with Lars and UT the whole time while they weren’t performing. Lars took me around and introduced me as his friend. After the show we all went outside to partake in a lil 420 Chris on e again wouldn’t have anything to do with me. He’s slowly breaking my heart as a fan.If it weren’t for him I would’ve never fallen in love with nerdcore. I still love his music but as a person he’s making me wonder if he really cares about his fans.

  2. Kristin says:

    MC Chris thinks he’s god. You always hope to see people rise above the fame. More often then not we see people become power hungry assholes. I think Beefy makes a great point about MC Chris. I hope Beefys ready for some of MC Chris’s bullying once he gets wind of this article.

  3. Paul says:

    The last MC Chris show I went to that I enjoyed was the Transformers show in Eugene OR, witch btw Mr. Beef, You hung out with us before the movie and at the movie you sat next to me. You know, when he first started out he really seemed to care about and appreciate his fans, now he seems to just be to caught up in himself and doesn’t really relate to his people anymore. I stopped listening to him after mc goes to hell, and have no regrets. I was an avid fan since the revenge of the nerd tour, and used to get SOOOOO excited to see him, now, not so much.

  4. Leanne says:

    I enjoy people singing about bullies and how awkward it was for them growing up. I didn’t feel so alone you know. Then when this happens; when someone becomes the bully, it breaks my heart. I’d much rather be hated for who I am on the inside and out, rather than to be loved for something I am not. I wish Chris all the luck in the world, he deserves that much, but I think he needs to take a step back and go back to the roots that made him so great and respected in the first place.

  5. benjulio says:

    hey beefy, I am a fan of many nerdcore rappers you and chris included. I do not know what your relationship is with chris but I thought everyone was on par with eachother in the nercore kingdom. Chis hates bullies and he was fighting back for his friend. does that make him a bully, or is he doing the right thing? i know batman taught me to defend those that needed help.
    either way chris stepped up in front of the firing squad and apologized. how many other people do you know that will do that?

  6. Krahn says:

    I think your take on MC Chris is pretty right on, but the flip side of the same coin is I think many fans are over reacting. Do I condone him kicking the guy out? Not at all. But will it make me less of a fan? Probably not. MC Chris, along with most nerdcore rappers really wear who they are on their sleeves. It’s hard to be a fan of Chris for any length of time and not expect temper tantrums, so someone claiming to be a huge fan and at the same time being shocked and disgusted is either disingenuous or intentionally ignorant. The other part is how bullying the internet is in general. Not many people can tell Chris that his behavior was inappropriate without stooping to the same level and beating him up excessively over it. Although I think you did a pretty admirable job of it.

    I’m a fan of an artist for their art, not their attitude. And, while their is a point where behavior gets so bad you can no longer support them, I don’t see this as being a make or break thing for me. But it is another straw being added to the load.

  7. kevin n. says:

    chris wouldn’t be the first guy in history to go from being bullied to being a bully. Nothing he’s done so far is so egregious that I would stop listening to his music but I probably wouldn’t go to a show.

    Sticking up for a friend is one thing, but throwing a paying fan out of a show is too far, it’s not like this guy was doing anything to hurt anyone else’s experience at the show. +1 for being so honest about how you feel, beef

  8. mcchris says:

    beefy you didn’t bring up that time at nerdapalooza where u were sitting in the parking lot upset about your set and I tried to make you feel better. I’ve made many mistakes over the years but you can’t say I don’t love my fans. its not true. I have anger issues for sure but people are editing out the good things because it doesn’t help their cause.

  9. beefy says:

    I actually have. on this blog and countless times to many people, usually in times of, “see guys, mc chris ain’t so bad.” You could be nice to all of your fans. all of them. it’s crazy easy. when you start picking on them over and over and over again and publicly humiliate these people because they didn’t tow the line it infuriates me to the Nth degree because you were the one who started this whole thing for me and thousands of others. you made it ok to like hip-hop and pop culture and never feel ashamed about it and have provided times of comfort to depressed and picked on kids like myself, and then you smash that entire fucking fantasy by being a complete tool in front of the crowd. how is it you can be so nice and kind when no one is watching and insist on being a cock when you’ve got a mic? if it is a shtick like others have suggested, drop it because you are a hero to a shitton more people than most could even dream up. shape up Chris. it’s easy. when you have a bad day you get thousands of “chin up bro! never surrender! I love you!” but what about the kids you kicked out of our Eugene show or our Seattle show or the kid from the veeeery first time I saw you in Spokane in 2005? you ruined their night, crushed a dream, and forced someone to live through being publicly humiliated by someone they look up to. You’ve become the bully

  10. Muffin says:

    mcc and REDDIT both overreacted.
    After the CO shooting, I hope they see how fucking comparatively idiotic their “drama” is.

  11. mcchris says:

    so no one is ever out of line. no one’s ever a rude drunk. got it.

  12. beefy says:

    it’s weird how people only choose to be out of line or drunk at your shows and never at any other shows I’ve been to. so strange.

  13. beefy says:

    So are you sorry for what you do like you claim in your vid, or are you still just going to make excuses?

  14. mcchris says:

    why is it in question? I’m obviously sorry as fuck and heart broken.

  15. mcchris says:

    you know why I’m writing you and no on else today. beause I thought we were all friends and all my friends had my back and then you wrote what you wrote. it hurts more than all the press and everything on reddit and twitter.

  16. beefy says:

    then please please please stop making excuses, chris. you should feel awful. you did something awful. everyone who has even been a fan or opened for you should come out and say “hey forgive him, he means it this time”? Come on. This first dozen times you were in the middle of these kinds of issues, be it dissing nerdcore, being rude at shows, throwing your weight, I had always been an apologist. no more. it could have just as easily been me that expressed an opinion and got kicked out and laughed at and ridiculed. or had too much to drink and got too excited to see you. If this was an isolated incident you’d get the benefit of the doubt, but sadly, for me, you’ve used up all of that benefit. Actions speak louder than youtube vids. Prove you’re different and you’ll have my full support like you used to when I was in high school and idolized you and showed everyone your article in Spin. I’m just very sad and disappointed.

  17. mcchris says:

    so am i

  18. mcchris says:

    and so am i.

    friends? hug?

  19. mcchris says:

    I’m not going on stage until I get a cyber hug. don’t disappoint the people of durham north Carolina

  20. beefy says:

    because i refuse to let down the good people of NC, I love you chris and want nothing but success for you so long as you always respect your fans like they respect you. have a great show.

    *cyber hug*

  21. mcchris says:

    I do respect them. and I will do my best to be the hero you grew up with. please remember that I’m only human and that I’m trying.

  22. Logan says:

    Might see you this weekend Beefy – and as someone with a certain love / hate with my own form of fans, I can’t judge MC Chris for his actions. It is hard to be ‘on’ all the time, and some people can suck even when they are handing you money and singing your praises. I have found the trick is to just limit my time that I am ‘on’ – which for me means taking an extra day off most weeks. Makes a huge difference to appreciate the nice things when you aren’t exhausted and stressed out in general.

    Not exactly a 1:1 comparison, but I’m a much nicer comic book guy now than a few years ago…

  23. EVBP says:

    Love the new track! Can’t wait for the album!

    As for chris’ actions – he said it himself. He regrets it. He made a mistake. Humans can do that.

    I’ve met him on several occasions, and while he wasn’t exactly buddy-buddy with me, he was certainly friendly enough. I think it speaks to his character that he was willing to go on youtube and post an apology video instead of just ignoring the incident.

    I also believe his fans are entitled to have negative opinions of the bands he has open for him. I wasn’t nuts about Whole Wheat Bread, but I also didn’t feel the need to tweet about my disinterest in them. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.”

    What do fans expect chris to do? Kick Richie off the rest of the tour because a couple people don’t like his music?

  24. cowtzu says:

    I like that chris showed up here. A little defensive though, with the bit about “nobody’s ever rude and drunk, got it.” Shit happens, there’s dicks everywhere, it’s not your job to defend all the nerds. You don’t have to kick people out for moshing, it’s a concert. You were probably justified the first couple of times you did it, but it doesn’t need to happen all the time. Of the hundreds of shows I’ve been to, I’ve seen a couple of people thrown out, always by security’s discretion. Everyone else was allowed to have fun, they paid they’re money. A 3 man mosh pit at a rap show isn’t going to hurt anyone. And of course you’ll have hecklers, those are the same people trolling your Facebook. But the part that caught my attention is you were apparently looking for a fight, because the dude didn’t tweet it @ you, he just posted it, and you here hashtag googling or something to have seen it. Do you do that at every show, sit there and go through every tweet that mentions you? That seems pretty weird. But, it was just an opinion, about a nerdy rapper in a market oversaturated with nerdy rappers. He gave the guy a chance, he didn’t just show up before you went on stage like all those people that skipped the entire 2 day Nerdapalooza 09 festival and just showed up to see you, so that’s admirable of him. Everyone won’t like everything though, but he gave it a shot. I woulda thought playing the Gathering would have toughened you up to audience members being dicks.

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