Beeps and Smudges

My very good friend Doc Pop (you know, the guy who made the beat to my most popular song ever, Tub of Tabasco) has put out a brand new album created completely using only iPhone and iPad apps called Beeps and Smudges. Doc has sultry vocals and a signature glitch sound which make for wonderful […]


A few months ago I started working on a little music video. Then there was moving and other such craziness so I kind of put it on the back burner. The other day I dusted it off and got back to work. Lo and behold, I finished just a couple of hours ago and I […]

What was Old is New Again

Welcome back boys and girls. It’s been a while. Mostly because a couple months ago YTCracker’s sites got all hacked the data center blew up and went down. Like way down. Like I don’t know where my website disappeared to at all kind of down. So we were provided with some dope hosting (thank you […]